21 thoughts on “Kate Turning 10 Years Old

    1. I think it’s the font size, turning the font size down a point or two is the first thing I do on a new system and makes everything look better. :P
      Also the toolbar icons in the second one are bigger and accompanied by text.

      Or maybe you just like the old theme, I’m pretty sure there’s a similar available in the default KDE install on most distros :)

    2. I think that’s because in current oxygen, the tittle bar, toolbar and menubar blend together, and as there’s no separation between stuff, it feels more confusing, also the fonts as Pal said

  1. Kongratz to my favourite editor and its team of kreators!

    (Yes, the K-words are a reminiscence of the old days, rather than a pun onto the new ones.)

  2. I like the first one the most. It has less bloated toolbars and more room for actual work.
    Unfortunately it looks like the new toolbars, borders etc take up more space…

  3. Congratulations guys!!!

    I’m glad I was only twelve when you started; I can’t imagine living without Kate. ;-)

      1. I’m not sure how a visit to Berlin could be anything other than a “good time”. ;-)

        I have a friend from there who came over here as an exchange student some years ago and has been bugging me to come visit and raving about how awesome it is for ages now.

  4. KDE really should consider spending some effort on choosing professional fonts.

    Not only does KDE4 Kate look uglier than it should on this screenshot, it’s probably also hardly usable. The amount of text shown in each window is so small that scrolling all the time would drive me crazy.

    1. Well, I just arranged the views such that it looks the same as 10 years before. And I resized the Kate mainwindow to a rather small size so you can actually see something without clicking on the link.
      So all comments on the layout are just invalid. I thought that obvious ;)

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