Kate plugin updates part 3

Well I’m not sure this really qualifies as an update, because it is actually a new plugin. And the plugin I’m talking about is the Search plugin. This is going to be mostly a series of screen-shots.
The first shot contains the “new” feature differentiating itself from the other one. You can now select to search in the currently open files. This is especially good if you are working on files on a remote server.


The “Find in files” plugin opens new searches in new toolviews while this one has a button for adding new tabs if you want to save the old search.



Of course you can also search in a folder as before :) When you select to search in a folder the folder searching specific options are displayed. Those options can also be toggled with the rightmost tool-button.



And the final screen-shot is to show that it is possible to use regular expressions.


The “Replace” feature is not yet implemented, but who knows ;) Ideas for a UI are welcome.
And that was it for this time. I hope you like the updates :)

8 thoughts on “Kate plugin updates part 3

  1. Hello,

    I love this plugin and I was using it in Kate in xubuntu 11.10. Yesterday I upgrade do 12:04 and I noticed that the plugin disappeared! I only have access to the new “search and replace” plugin, but I prefer this one. Can you help me restore it?


      1. I am not saying that the new plugin I worse, but I was using the previous one and I got used to it, so that is why I wanted to keep using it.

        For example, the old plugin would display results with context immediately, and the new plugin groups result by file and you have to manually click on every file to “uncollapse” the results. For me this is a change for the worse since it forces me to do a lot of clicking, when I have search results in multiple files.
        Automatic highlighting of search phrases in the document is very nice feature in the new plugin, but I would like to be able to immediately see all matches without having to click manually on every file to see the results “inside”.

        Also, if you want to change search&replace scope and options, there is no direct way to do it (at least I did not find it) – I have to click on “In folder”, select “In open files”, then click again, and select “In folder” and only then I can change the options. In the old plugin these options were always visible.

        Is there any way to go back to the old plugin in kubuntu 12.04 (Kate 3.8.2)


        1. The “collapsed” results might need a rethinking… The default could be to have all results “uncollapsed”, but if we reach some magic limit the results would be collapsed… Let’s se what I can figure out ;)

          The search&replace scope and options can be opened with clicking the green double-arrow at the right.

          Unfortunately there is no other way back than compiling the old version manually.


          1. Thanks a lot for the helpful tip with the green arrow.
            If I may suggest something – it would help if there was a button “Collapse/Uncollapse all” .

            Thanks for help and for quick replies :)


  2. Hi,
    I have just installed the plugin, it works great for searching in opened files, but when I make it search in a folder the result is just a white space. Any suggestions?
    Thank you,

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