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From time to time it happens that bug reports get pretty much nasty. A single user or some users request a feature. If you argue, bashing starts.

In this case, it’s about Kate and the following scenario: You are editing several files (e.g. because you clicked on text files in dolphin). So Kate starts and you are not using an explicit session. If all files are saved, you can simply quit Kate. Bug #267356 requests, that the user is asked whether to save the session or not. Right now, if you are not using a session, Kate simply closes and the file list is lost. Comments are welcome, especially in the report. But please be objective and polite. Thanks…

PS: Sometimes open source development is real fun. Sometimes it’s not :p

17 thoughts on “Kate Behavior at Exit

  1. I would appreciate if Kate saved its settings properly on exit… I don‘t care for sessions but I don‘t want to re-enable line numbers everytime I close it, disable auto-line break, open folder list, enable text indenting…

      1. He might mean that if you use the shortcuts like e.g. F10 to enable/disable wrapping then that change is not saved.

        I think Kate does just about everything right, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for all your hard work! :)

        1. Weil, no, I can’r remember all these shortcuts, so I always enable those settings from the menu bar. But whenever I close Lage, the settings are lost. This was not in 4.5 but in 4.6 and is so awful. I really love kate but this is just unacceptable.

  2. Why not just use the settings of the default session when opening a file without an explicit session, and when settings are changed in this mode, change them accordingly for the default session?

    I.e. let “default session” and “no session” share everything except the set of opened files.

  3. that is already the case: There is not default session anymore. Instead, if you open Kate, all session data is used from the katerc config file. If you close it without using a session, it is saved back to the katerc file. So your default always is up-to-date. Or, as you said, everything is shared except the set of opened files. But the bug report is exactly about the set of opened files…

  4. What you think is right, you can’t put a dialog wich asks what to do everytime, it would drive insane most people, and you can’t make remembering all the default, the list would get bigger and bigger.
    The normal usecase I think, is edit a bunch of files, then close kate and forget it, I think that if anyone wants to keep editing that files (keep that list), he/she should just save the session. maybe a save session button in toolbar would make it better?
    What about a “recent sessions” menu?, it would show all the sessions with date and the name of the first 2 files to help identify it, so if users opens kate and wants to continue with previous work he goes there and chooses the last session.

    1. I very much agree! I don’t know whether a button in the toolbar would make the users requesting the change in behavior happy, though.

    1. I am 100% that there are a) users who simply won’t close files they don’t use (e.g. because they are not aware of it) and b) users who are annoyed having to close them manually :-)

  5. Surely there is plenty of meta-data that could describe the session, even if it was only something like “6 PHP files viewed on Tuesday the 23rd February at 15:27”.

    It is perhaps more useful if you have a power cut or battery runs out, and you lose your session.

    While there is plenty of resources on the machine, then it does not matter about how long the list got, so long as you have an easy way to order and search.

    I view sessions as projects, also I want the applications to save all my work for me, without asking, but give me the ability to revert back to a previously saved backup and to rename any system generated name.

  6. The session work flow is not intuitive and I personally never got it. Each time I try to make use of sessions I end up losing them. So I wish first for an example work flow.
    The bug reporter should present his use case and you should present yours and see which use case is the more common one. Are we in a session or not when opening several files from Dolphin? Why do write ” not an explicit session”: doesn’t this show a problem in session usage?

    1. In theory that sounds nice but I doubt that:
      a) somebody of kate team has time to do so
      b) even if we would have this and the alternative workflow would be superior, anybody will implement it

  7. I like (and use) it the way it is. I have several sessions which correspond to projects i’m working on. sometimes i have to quickly edit an unrelated file, then i’m glad kate doesnt remember it…

    These kind of bug reports makes my blood boil :) I wouldn’t implement it just for the attitude of the replies. But if you want to do it, making it an option as suggested before and asking for confirmation the first time you close kate (with a remember my choice! dialog) is the best way to go imo.

  8. I think the settings dialog in Kate should allow you to specify the session to load on startup, and whether or not you want it to automatically save the open documents in the session on shutdown. This way, individuals who don’t want multiple sessions, but just want to continue where they left off, would have to configure it once and forget about it.

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