KDE Everywhere?

My last post mentioned Necessitas which provides the means to have Qt on Android.
Whereas still a early preview release, it already allows you to compile and run Qt applications on Android >= 1.6 without any big hassle and integrates that into QtCreator!

I tried out the SDK in the last days, it is really easy to use and setup, like seen here and here (with good video that shows the steps).

What is missing here? KDE :)

I think a nice thing to have would be a port of parts of kdelibs, like the embedded profile or how you name it and providing an app like Ministro in Necessitas that allows a system wide install of this libs.
Having tried Ministro and the example app from the market, that works like a charm for Qt already. I would love to see that for kdelibs as well. Then really a lot of users are just two clicks away from great KDE apps like the good edu stuff and games which really can fly on phones and even more tablets ;)
Embedded developers with spare time: Get the fame and port it .P

I doubt Kate itself would make a good appearance on a phone, and I doubt even I would use it there. But for tablets? Who knows, that might be nice for the “I hack one liners during Fringe” session in the evening.

3 thoughts on “KDE Everywhere?

  1. On the other hand I would love to see Kate on a phone, after some UX touch-optimisation a’la Kontact Touch of course :) While I don’t see myself coding (much) on a phone, having a nice, syntax-highlighted code browser with a nice document tree view and some basic search features would be really nice for looking at and thinking about code on the go imo.

  2. Is it possible to install Android on a normal Intel PC? I actually have a tablet (stylus instead of finger, but that I won’t care for that difference as a developer), and I would like to develop/test/run Android applications on it.

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