Kate in KDE 4.6

Some days ago KDE 4.6 was branched. So what will Kate in KDE 4.6 bring?

  • The new tree view as “Documents” sidebar completely replaces the old file list. It supports the simple list mode as well as a pseudo-intelligent tree view to group files. The “Documents” tab is now implemented as plugin (always loaded), meaning that it brought a code cleanup as well. We hope you like it! :)
  • Swap file support, meaning that you can recover all your unsaved data for local files on the next Kate startup.
  • Ability to always load plugins.
  • New SQL Query plugin. The day we blogged about it had the most visits in the entire kate-editor.org history. So it seems the the SQL plugin is a really nice addon for web developers! :)
  • New GNU Debugger (GDB) Plugin!
  • New Highlight Selected Text Plugin.
  • Ability to add scripts to the menu and bind shortcuts.
  • Kate got a new homepage on http://www.kate-editor.org featuring WordPress.
  • Lots of bugs fixed since the KDE 4.5.0 release.
  • SmartCursors and SmartRanges are gone, resulting in more stable and clean code. MovingCursors and MovingRanges replace the old classes and work reliable. For instance, KDevelop is already ported leading to less crashes.
  • Christoph found the emails of the early days of Kate again. A funny read! :)
  • Daily unit test runs. We have more and more unit tests, securing the correct behavior of e.g. search&replace, the text buffer, encoding detection or indenters.
  • Kate development mostly moved to KDE’s git infrastructure, resulting in very easy build instructions.
  • The default settings of a session are now stored in the katerc file again, rendering the default.katesession obsolete. This means you will have to configure your default session again (sorry!). On the other hand, this fixed quite some bugs with regard to the session handling.

Credit where credit is due!

There were lots of developers involved who helped to improve Kate. Thanks a lot to every one of you! Without your contribution, Kate would not be what it is :-) Keep it up!

11 thoughts on “Kate in KDE 4.6

  1. This all sounds great.

    Regarding scripting: Is it possible to pipe a selection to an external command so that its output replaces the selection in kate? That would be a great feature.


    1. @arwa it’s possible since the beginning, it’s one of the commands I do use most, it’s called “filter text”, nothing to do with scripting tought, you can use quite everything sed, grep, cut, tac, sort, awk. The power of unix and the commodity of a modern editor :D
      @kate developers keep gooing the good work

      1. Well, no. I do not want to invoke “filter text” manually. The script routine should automatically select some defined characters around the current cursor position, replace the selection by the external command’s output and set the cursor position to a special character inside of this new inserted text. (This is just one example. If the “filter text” routine can be executed via script, everything should be fine, I think.)

  2. Very cool, I can’t wait to try Kate in KDE 4.6

    I think this editor technically works very nice already. The next step up in quality would rather be visual: Add and improve on the Color Schemes, like having a default one with less red and pink and a good dark one, for example.

  3. Upon upgrading to kde 4.6 kate’s session saving no longer works at all. “Load last session” is selected, but closing and reopening kate just opens an empty document every time.

    1. Can you please check the permissions of the file ~/.kde4/share/config/katerc ?
      And the permissions ~/.kde4/share/apps/kate/sessions/ ?

      1. $ ls -l ~/.kde/share/apps/kate/
        drwxr-xr-x 3 mike mike 4096 2011-03-09 13:53 sessions

        $ ls -l ~/.kde/share/config/katerc
        -rw——- 1 mike audio 10948 2011-03-15 11:40 /home/mike/.kde/share/config/katerc

        I’m not sure how that “audio” group got there, however I chowned it to my user and chmoded it to 777 and it still has the same effect.

          1. I just did a fresh install of kde 4.6.1 on another computer on a basically out of the box Ubuntu install and it has the same bug. I installed both using the kubuntu kde 4.6 repository.

  4. One comment – in the “Documents” view in the sidebar, when you have long filenames, only the end of the filename is shown, while the old Kate would show the beginning of the filename. Could there be some option to switch this back, or could Kate show the beginning and end of the filenames, with ellipsis in the middle? I have a lot of files where the beginning of the filename is the information of interest; the end is just a meaningless date.

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