Kate on git.kde.org

Goodbye to Gitorious, welcome to git.kde.org.

You can find the Kate project here.
The “Get It!” page on the homepage is updated, too.
Push access is still restricted, but that will not last for ever ;)

Thanks to the sysadmin team of KDE, thanks guys, for all the work you put into the new infrastructure (and to help me with my faults ;)
And thanks to Gitorious, it was a nice time there, and I learned to appreciate Git, like many Kate developers (some appreciated it even before).

Like before, all changes in SVN and Git will be synced by me, as Kate is still released with KDE SC from SVN.

For the future I would like (and most kate devs, too) to develop solely in the Kate repository and have Kate released from there with KDE SC (instead spread over several modules).
But this must still be discussed with the release team after 4.6.
Beside, this means no split off from KDE, but it makes contributing to Kate that much easier, given atm you would need to checkout/clone kdelibs + kdebase + kdesdk and try to build there the Kate relevant parts, which is just no fun, if you just want to hack on some small bug or feature :/

3 thoughts on “Kate on git.kde.org

  1. I really hope that the kde release team says NO to your request.
    1) We need a simple editor in kdebase. kwrite it is
    2) We have a promise about compatibility for kdelibs, so we cannot move anything down the chain, only up


    1. I really hope that the kde release team says YES to OUR request.
      1) releasing is just a matter of packaging, especially since distributions can do it just as they wish anyway. KDE gives a suggestion, that’s all.
      2) The priority must be ease of development. This is how OSS works: to gain more contributions. We do have very good reasoning about what we want and what we do. If we don’t succeed here, we kind of piss off developers – includes me, btw. Sorry for this rather disqualifying comment. But I kind of hate how things sometimes work just because they did work in a certain way for years. There is no reason why our wish of having a single development repository should be rejected. It’s simply very sane…

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