Kate git repository moving to git.kde.org soon!

We tried to move weeks ago already, but in our current repository some small glitches occured during the SVN => Git transition.
I have redone the conversion now and soon we will be on git.kde.org (if I not screw that again, thanks already to sysadmin for all help, now and in past!).
Still some small stuff will then need to be ported, which I will do after the initial repository is up there.
After this, the repository on Gitorious will vanish.

I will keep syncing KDE SVN and the repository, until KDE has migrated, too.
But please, if you work on features rather than simple oneliner fixes, use the git repository on git.kde.org after it is announced to be available.
You have automagically a git account and it makes merges for me much easier, if there are not too many conflicts from SVN -><- Git. I hope the Kate team can keep the kate repository then as sole workspace, as working on the kate part/app is much easier for all contributors if you don't have to get whole kdelibs/kdesdk. But that is still not discussed out I think, release team has a say here, as I would rather like to stay in KDE release cycle.

8 thoughts on “Kate git repository moving to git.kde.org soon!

  1. What is the point of the SVN sync exactly?

    Maybe you should just officially move to extragear. It doesn’t preclude you from releasing at the same time as KDE SC at all.

      1. But if you don’t want to require getting the latest kdelibs and the rest of kdesdk, it makes sense to be in extragear. It doesn’t mean you have to organize your own releases, you can opt to be released along with KDE SC.

        anyways, I guess it depends on if kdesdk will be a one git repo or a group of git repos.

        1. Atm I even lack feedback if Kate can be at all released with KDE SC if is in a own git repository and not in kdesdk/….
          If release team tells me, extragear is fine for them to release kate with SC, I am fine too.

  2. Like Ian said, it doesn’t matter.
    And by the way, Yakuake is also in extragear, but they moved to Git already without keeping the svn sync. So if they can do it, than you guys can do it too. They didn’t wait either, so if you also don’t wait, it doesn’t matter.

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