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Kate has a new plugin called “Highlight Selection”. Since it is a KTextEditor plugin, it is available for all apps using KatePart (e.g.: Kile, Kate, KWrite, KDevelop etc). What does it do? If you select a whole word, all occurrences of this word are highlighted as well:

You can jump to the next occurrence with ctrl+h (btw: ctrl+h works already since KDE 4.2 or so). The plugin will be included in KDE 4.6. If you can’t wait, you can use it already now by building Kate from the sources.

(Side note: Be careful with enabling this plugin in KDevelop, since KDevelop itself is already doing extensive highlighting)

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    1. I still miss more advanced functionality from notepad++. For example, it’s possible to highlight several different blocks in a persistent way.

  1. I missed that from notepad++ too, many thanks ! It would be great if, like NP++, this plugin could highlight the closing HTML tag when the cursor is on the opening tag (and highlight the opening tag when the cursor is on the closing tag…)

    But maybe this is a completely different scope or a feature best suited for Quanta…

  2. Hmm. I can’t find that under Kate Version 3.5.90 using KDE Development Platform 4.5.90 (4.6 RC1) but maybe it isn’t included in the first RC?

  3. Why would you EVER interrupt the use of a nice feature (selection highlighting) just to re-insert it in the form of a plugin!?!?!
    I used to use (and highly depend on) the feature just fine in version 3.4.2, only to discover a bitter surprise in v3.5.1 and now I have to wait for KDE 4.6?
    Kate is probably the best editor I’ve used (and I’ve used literally everything except emacs), but this move was just idiotic! WHY WHY WHY!?!?d

    1. Sorry, but this functionality was never in kate before… what do you mean exaclty? “Highlight all” in search&replace? This is still there as explicit action called “Find all”… Please be less harsh with the words you use ;)

  4. Hi,
    I can’t get this plugin to work on Ubuntu 10.04.2 LTS.
    I built kate from source following the instructions in the link you gave, but can’t find the “highlight all” plugin in the config dialog.
    I did start it with ~/kde/run.sh kate as per the instructions.
    git commit number is 56a1930ae5f1a1e9e94ff05f4f3954f2943cdd2b

    1. Correct: Settings > Configure Kate > Editor > Extensions –> [x] Highlight Selection
      Wrong: Settings > Configure Kate > Kate > Plugins

  5. Nice, I was missing this feature from Notepad++. One question:

    How do I change the highlight color?

    I use a dark theme, and the yellow background makes the highlighted text unreadable! I have the same issue with text highlighted via Find All (also yellow) and Find / Replace (green background). I cannot find where this color is set anywhere. I have searched my home dir and the src for “255,255,0” and not had any luck with finding where this color is defined.

  6. Not working for me…
    My (german) kate 3.6.2 with KDE 4.6.2, Kubuntu 11.04 has 6 Extensions; I tried activating all of them… No highlighting!
    Has it been removed?
    I am only here, because I saw this feature once or twice in Kubuntu 11.04 alpha and I liked it.

    1. You have to enable the plugin under “Editor” in the settings dialog, not under “Application”. Maybe it’s called “Erweiterungen” or so. The plugin is really supposed to be there. If you want, please paste a screenshot of your config dialog.

  7. Is it possible to configure the plugin in a way that it keeps the yellow background coloring but doesn’t make letters bold?

      1. Hello Haumann,
        I was just wondering if there has been any progress with the config page. Will you announce this on this website?

  8. Thanks for the extension, I’ve been waiting for this feature. However me too I use a dark theme, and white text on yellow background is not visible at all.
    +1 for adding a way to configure the highlight style.

  9. When I double click a php variable the highlight includes the $ but the highlight selections plug in doesn’t work for $. Is the way I can change the config somewhere?

    1. As always, the counterpart of an action is with shift: ctrl+shift+h… Common knowledge.
      You should have found it by yourself in the configure shortcuts dialog btw. ;)

  10. I have KDE 4.10 (Kate 3.10) and I don’t see this plugin at all :( I got used to it and now it’s gone… Is it just my Linux (Slackware), or is it missing in KDE 4.10?

  11. Double-clicking a word does highlight all occurrences of a word but when I click on a variable (bash), the “$” is also highlighted. The plugin “Highlight Selection” is not listed in the plugin manager. Is there a way to add/configure that plugin?

    Running Kate 3.13.3 using KDE 4.13.3

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