KDE 4.5 is approaching, thanks to all Kate contributors

KDE 4.5 will be released in the next days with the most polished Kate/KWrite and KatePart during the KDE 4.x series.

A lot of work went into fixing bugs and cleaning up old code for this release. Many important aspects where redone, just to enumerate a few:

  • encoding detection & handling
  • the text buffer
  • the undo/redo system (thanks Bernhard)
  • search/replace (thanks again Bernhard)
  • handling cursors and ranges
  • improved spell checking (thanks Michel)
  • improved indentation (thanks Milian)
  • speed improvements (Milian too)
  • better JS scripting (Dominik)
  • porting of KDevelop to new interfaces (David Nolden)

It will be the most unit-tested release of KatePart ever I guess, but still a long way to go until we have a good test coverage. (we just scratch the surface)

Many thanks to the people contributing to this release (not only to the ones named above or below!), without that much helping hands, never such an amount of cool stuff would have happened ;)

I guess one of the real kickoffs was the great Kate/KDevelop sprint in Berlin, handled by Milian and sponsored by the e.V., thanks a lot!

For the next release, with KDE 4.6, already new cool stuff is in production:

If you think, you can help us, just join us and make Kate for KDE 4.6 even more awesome.

16 thoughts on “KDE 4.5 is approaching, thanks to all Kate contributors

  1. How hard it is to use the proper branding? :D Adding SC between KDE and release number is not so difficult. ;)

  2. If only the day had more than mere 24h Christoph ;-) I’ve many more ideas for Kate in the future, lets hope I find the time. And I’m of course looking forward to the next sprint, lets crash at Joseph’s place :)

    Bye evil maintainer.

  3. Wow, as a developer, I use Kate a lot. I am eager to try the new Kate out and see if the rewrite of all those parts solves those little things that were “not quite right”.

    For next version it would be great if Kate got other syntax highlighting styles. A dark one is needed for sure. Coda (Mac) for example has an awesome dark background style which really improves readability.


  4. Beeing waiting for 4.5 for a lot of time, expect a lof from it and I’m anxious about it’s final release. =)

  5. Does scripting offer the possibility to invoke external commands and insert there Output into kate (e.g. by replacing a selection)?

  6. In 4.5.RC1 and 4.5.RC2 i can’t select encoding for files because auto-detect thinks that it is smarter than the user and overrides my choise.
    The only way to solve this now is to turn auto-detect off.
    Was it fixed in time for 4.5 release? Or will it be fixed only in 4.5.1?

      1. Read my comment in the bug. Whereas this is inconvenient for this one use case, that you have a file with multiple conflicting encodings, the current behavior rescues people from loosing data. You can*t open a file with a wrong encoding (at least not, if Kate is able to find a usable)
        For your specific need: just copy out the second part in new file and change encoding there.

  7. In my Ubuntu system, I installed Kate and I found that the terminal tab is showing blank.

    After google search I came to know that , Kate requires Konsole for it’s terminal window. After installing Konsole, it worked properly.

    I have one suggestion, can we show a *HELPFUL* message inside terminal window(or tab) when not finding konsole package installed, instead of showing the vague *EMPTY* window ?

    It’ll help many , like me (novice), who are not aware of this and tend to switch to other editors.

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