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The Wheel of Time turns… meaning that the Kate Project has quite along history by now. The Kate Project was started back in December 2000, so it’s almost 10 years old. Development sometimes continues with a fast pace; and at other times there is almost no progress for weeks. But all in all, looking back at those 10 years, we can proudly tell you that the project is very much alive. Let’s take a look at the traffic of our mailing list:

The traffic itself does not say much about the development. It probably tells us that there are quite a lot of people using Kate and reporting wishes and bugs. This is a good thing :) The commit statistics for Kate, KWrite and the KTextEditor interfaces look like this:

Before 2000, Kate did not exist yet. Instead, so these commits come from the KWrite days. The commit rate is quite constant according to this statistic. In fact, there usually are always several developers working on Kate. Some only for a short period to implement single features or fix some bugs, and some long-term contributors. A very nice trend is given by the fact that the core team of Kate grew from about 4 to 7 developers over the last two years. So the Kate Project is very healthy – nice! And of course we are happy for every single contribution. So if you want to get involved in Kate development, join us!

5 thoughts on “Join Kate Development!

  1. I’m a heavy kde user (more than 7 years), but, for doing web programming i’m using komodo edit and gedit years ago (i think there are more people using gedit with kde, than gnome and kate).

    Kate needs some improvements:
    – Plugins, plugins, plugins: make kate scriptable with python, compare with gedit there are hundreds !!

    the people use the plugins to make a textmate clone (there a lot of articles explaining ), copy the most interesting features from textmate !!

    1. Kate can be enhanced by plugins, too.
      For example we have no a nice sql plugin in SVN for KDE 4.6, some gdb plugin in playground and more.
      Still, I guess we lack more hints how to write plugins and that it is possible at all ;)
      But all plugin writers are welcome, join us ;=)

      1. Yes, Kate can be enhanced with plugins. But I feel that the barrier to entry is maybe a little bit high for the *casual* developer. Being able to script it is definitely a step in the right direction. For example I have been wanting a Python auto-complete and Call tips plugin ala rope but have no idea where to to start developing such a plugin.

        In the end a clear tutorial on writing plugins for kate will also help a great deal. Maybe I am just missing it?

  2. yay kate! :) I’ve started using it again now that it can recover files (kinda important when the intel video drivers crash X every day) and it’s beginning to replace vim for some things…

    however, if anyone is looking for junior jobs, there are plenty of them. ;) search highlighting *still* uses a hardcoded yellow instead of being part of the theme and tends to vanish before I want it to; vim mode is missing bits & pieces like ‘&’ (repeats the last substitution), and I saw a few rendering bugs… oh, and I really wish it’d read my vimrc and pick up on the kdelibs style-enforcer-and-cool-shortcuts. or someone could write a pure kate version of that script…

    basically, the more of those are done, the more time I’ll spend in kate :) but it’s looking pretty awesome already.

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