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Memory Leak Continued

Thursday, 22 November 2007 | Dominik Haumann

There was some confusion with regard to my last blog about leaking memory. Suppose the ui_mywidget.h files looks like this:

class Ui_Widget
   QGridLayout *gridLayout;
   QGroupBox *groupBox;
   QGridLayout *gridLayout1;
   QListWidget *listWidget;
   QSpacerItem *spacerItem;
   QPushButton *pushButton;

   void setupUi(QWidget *Widget);
   void retranslateUi(QWidget *Widget);

Of course, those 6 QObject derived classes are deleted. But the sizeof(Ui_Widget) = 6 * sizeof(void*) = 24 bytes are not deleted. As Ui_Widget is not QObject derived those 24 bytes leak. Confirmed by valgrind.

In a comment to my last blog Paolo suggested to use auto_ptr or scoped_ptr, which is more elegant than an extra wrapper class :)