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Available for Linux, Windows and macOS

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Kate is a Feature-Packed Text Editor

Kate is packed with features that will make it easier for you to view and edit all your text files. Kate lets you to edit and view many files at the same time, both in tabs and split views, and comes with a wide variety of plugins, including an embedded terminal that lets you launch console commands directly from Kate, powerful search and replace plugins, and a preview plugin that can show you what your MD, HTML and even SVG will look like.

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Make Your Code Pretty With Syntax Highlighting

Kate supports highlighting for over 300 languages making it easier to read code in almost all programming languages. Kate also understands how brackets works and will help you navigate inside complex code blocks hierarchies. On-the-fly spellchecking is also included and will help you check your text before publishing. Screenshot of Kate with syntax highlighting

Screenshot of Kate syntax chooser

Multi-cursor editing

Boost your productivity with a help of multi-cursor and multi-selection features. Kate now has it! Switching from other proprietary text editors and missing your hotkey bindings you used to? You can configure every hotkey in Kate so you don't even have to retrain yourself

Animation of Kate multi-cursor features

Work on Complex Projects Efficiently

Work on multiple files at the same time with split views. Use the project sidebar to navigate your project directory structures and use Kate's smart tabs to quickly access your recently opened documents. The powerful search and replace tool lets you quickly search inside your entire projects.

Screenshot of Kate search and replace tool
Screenshot of Kate project sidebar

Develop your Next Application with Kate

Kate is the perfect tool for programming as it includes autocompletion for many languages with the help of the Language Server Protocol (LSP). The editor has been optimized for editing code and provide scriptable auto indentation, VI input mode, rectangular block selection mode, smart comment and uncomment handling and much more.

Screenshot of Kate search and replace tool


Kate contains many plugins installed by defaults, making it more powerful than any other text editor. Use the integrated terminal emulator to run commands directly from Kate, execute SQL queries with the SQL extension, use GDB to debug your program, build projects with just one click, and much, much more.

Konsole inside Kate


Monday, 31 October 2022

Treats for Kate - Welcome Page, Git Diff Viewer, Config Searching

It's Halloween and the Kate and KWrite 22.12 release is approaching, so its about time we give you another update what we've been working on. The Biggest Treat: Widgets So far Kate was only able to display code views in Kate's central view component. In the upcoming release, Kate can also place arbitrary Qt Widgets there, which required making some bigger changes under the hood. You might ask how is this relevant at all, to which we answer: this change enabled us to implement a treat bag of cool, new features. Read More
Wednesday, 24 August 2022

Kate - New Features - August 2022

The 22.08 release of Kate hasn't arrived for many users yet, but we already have new cool stuff for upcoming releases. As our merge requests page shows, alone in August we got at least 66 new things done. Naturally that are not all new features, but bug fixes, too. Pablo Rauzy was nice enough to provide some short videos for the enhancements he contributed! Thanks a lot for that, and thanks to all people that helped to work out the merge requests he submitted. Read More
Sunday, 24 July 2022

Kate 22.08

KDE Gear 22.08 Release in August Next month the KDE Gear 22.08 release will arrive. Kate and KWrite are released with that collection of KDE software. Thanks already to all people that make KDE Gear releases possible. I myself would not be able to release twice a year some proper version with patch releases, manage the i18n stuff, .... It is really a lot of work to get this done and I am very grateful to the KDE team members that take care of that! Read More
Thursday, 31 March 2022

Kate ate KWrite

The current state up to KDE Gear 22.04 Kate & KWrite always existed as pair in the last 20 years. KWrite was there first, a SDI editor already shipped with very early KDE versions. Kate was started by me to have a MDI variant of KWrite. KWrite was kept untouched, more or less, over the last 20 years beside minor improvements and bug fixes. Naturally a lot features slipped in due to the fact that it uses KTextEditor as editor component. Read More
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