Kate Meeting: Day 0

Finally it all begins: Anders and Joseph arrived at basysKom and we’ve started to discuss some things we want to do for KDE 4.1. Later, we are going to meet with the rest of the attendees in a restaurant to get to know each other. The official start of the meeting is tomorrow morning. If you are interested in contributing to Kate, just join #kate on irc.kde.org. I’m looking forward to the next two days :)

Kate Developer Sprint 2008

In April there will be a Kate Developer Sprint, similar to previous sprints for Decibel, Akonadi, KDevelop and others. This is a great opportunity as developers interested in development of KDE’s text editor will discuss what to do to make Kate the best text editor on earth. This also means lots of polishing so that Kate in KDE 4.1 will shine even more! The meeting will take place from 2008-04-11 till 2008-04-13. The location is hosted by basysKom in Darmstadt, Germany. Many thanks goes especially to the KDE e.V. for their financial support. If you are interested in Kate development, join our mailing list. More to come, stay tuned!

The event is organized by Dominik Haumann, and is supported by the kde.ev.

On the agenda is discussing Kates future development and improving scripting capabilities amongst others.

Memory Leak Continued

There was some confusion with regard to my last blog about leaking memory. Suppose the ui_mywidget.h files looks like this:

class Ui_Widget
   QGridLayout *gridLayout;
   QGroupBox *groupBox;
   QGridLayout *gridLayout1;
   QListWidget *listWidget;
   QSpacerItem *spacerItem;
   QPushButton *pushButton;

   void setupUi(QWidget *Widget);
   void retranslateUi(QWidget *Widget);

Of course, those 6 QObject derived classes are deleted. But the sizeof(Ui_Widget) = 6 * sizeof(void*) = 24 bytes are not deleted. As Ui_Widget is not QObject derived those 24 bytes leak. Confirmed by valgrind.

In a comment to my last blog Paolo suggested to use auto_ptr or scoped_ptr, which is more elegant than an extra wrapper class :)