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KWrite on Mac

After some hacking on frameworks, I have the first running KWrite version on Mac that uses an unpatched Qt from the offline installer:
KWrite on Mac
It is still ugly, as scaled on my HiDPI display as the plist file is missing and it crashs on everything (aka open dialog) and has no icons.

But beside that, it works.

No magic, just the xcode clang toolchain + stock qt + stock cmake + gettext + KDE Frameworks 5 😉

Script that did the job (still some patches to frameworks missing in master that remove optional deps and fixes linking):

# errors fatal
set -e

# steps to build kate on make

# install Qt 5.5.0
# install CMake 3.3.2

# set path to Qt 5.5.0 stuff
export PATH=~/Qt5.5.0/5.5/clang_64/bin:/Applications/$PATH

# remember some dirs
export PREFIX=`pwd`/usr
export BUILD=`pwd`/build
export SRC=`pwd`/src

# install gettext
mkdir -p src
cd src
curl > gettext-latest.tar.gz
tar -xvzf gettext-latest.tar.gz
cd gettext-0.*
./configure --prefix=$PREFIX
make install
cd ..
cd ..

# build helper
function build_framework
{ (
    # errors fatal
    set -e

    # framework

    # create build dir
    mkdir -p $BUILD/$FRAMEWORK

    # go there

    # cmake it

    # make
    make -j2

    # install
    make install
) }

# get stuff
cd src

git clone kde:extra-cmake-modules
git clone kde:kconfig
git clone kde:kguiaddons
git clone kde:ki18n
git clone kde:kitemviews
git clone kde:sonnet
git clone kde:kwindowsystem
git clone kde:kwidgetsaddons
git clone kde:kcompletion
git clone kde:kdbusaddons
git clone kde:karchive
git clone kde:kcoreaddons # patch pending...
git clone kde:kjobwidgets
git clone kde:kcrash
git clone kde:kservice
git clone kde:kcodecs
git clone kde:kauth
git clone kde:kconfigwidgets
git clone kde:kiconthemes
git clone kde:ktextwidgets
git clone kde:knotifications
git clone kde:kglobalaccel
git clone kde:kxmlgui
git clone kde:kbookmarks
git clone kde:solid
git clone kde:kio
git clone kde:kinit
git clone kde:kparts
git clone kde:ktexteditor
git clone kde:kate

cd ..

# build stuff

build_framework extra-cmake-modules
build_framework kconfig
build_framework kguiaddons
build_framework ki18n
build_framework kitemviews
build_framework sonnet
build_framework kwindowsystem
build_framework kwidgetsaddons
build_framework kcompletion
build_framework kdbusaddons
build_framework karchive
build_framework kcoreaddons
build_framework kjobwidgets
build_framework kcrash
build_framework kservice
build_framework kcodecs
build_framework kauth
build_framework kconfigwidgets
build_framework kiconthemes
build_framework ktextwidgets
build_framework knotifications
build_framework kglobalaccel
build_framework kxmlgui
build_framework kbookmarks
build_framework solid
build_framework kio
build_framework kinit
build_framework kparts
build_framework ktexteditor
build_framework kate

The changes will benefit Windows builds, too, as they made the dependencies a bit smaller. You for example need no longer phonon to get this running, nor do you need to hassle around with the xslt/xml doctools on Windows.

Patches that are needed t to be applied to have this working:

Kate/KDevelop Sprint 2015 – Summary for Kate

The end of the joint Kate/KDevelop Sprint 2015 is coming closer, half of the people already have left to get home.

It was a good thing to have this sprint sponsored by the KDE e.V. and organized by Milian Wolff directly after the Qt World Summit 2015 here in Berlin. I think that made it easier for people to attend both events, like myself ;=)

I came to the sprint to work on getting our bugs sorted and fixed and to improve the state of the Mac port. I must confess, the bug fixing session worked out well, but I didn’t take a shot at Mac at all.

What did I achieve? I fixed many small bugs and I reintroduced the automatic brackets completion removed by accident in the KDE 4.x => KF5 transition.

In addition I cleaned up old things in our bugzilla. The new policy for Kate will be: wishes that not got any attention since 2 years will be closed, it makes no sense to keep them around for ever and it will only make overview about what is really wanted impossible.

In addition, I tried to help Kåre Särs to get Kate running on Windows. We want to have a way to build Kate with a unpatched Qt. At the moment that is not really feasible, as things like ui files are not found, xml syntax files are not found and so on. I started to solve that issues and at least KTextEditor framework itself should now be more or less Windows (and therefore Mac) compatible. But the other frameworks will still need love, like KXmlGui not being able to locate its own ui_standards.rc. Kate application is now compilable without any strange patches, too, on Windows.

Mandatory screenshot (be aware, to get menus and stuff working, we here randomly copied all files into the right user local directories):

Kate on Windows

Dominik Haumann did help us in our bug fixing effort, too. At the end of the sprint he started the painful work to review and fix the use of hard-coded colors in our highlighting files, work nobody really wants to do :=)

Sven Brauch helped to improve my reintroduced bracket completion to be not completely dumb .P

All in all, I think it was a productive sprint. Not that we all reached our goals, but we did make progress.

I think Kate & KTextEditor will be in a very good shape for the 15.16 KF5 Frameworks  and the next KDE Applications release. In addition you always get again momentum to work on more stuff in the close future by meeting up in person and do some socializing aka eating 😉

Therefore, to wrap it up: Nice work all guys, thanks by the Kate maintainer to all people that joint the sprint and special thanks to Milian for setting it up and the KDE e.V. for sponsoring it ;=)

P.S. Yeah, sponsoring implies that the e.V. has money for that. To keep such spring sponsoring possible in the future => give us money!

Kate/KDevelop 2015

From the 7th to the 11th of October Kate and KDevelop contricutors once again met to work on both Kate and KDevelop.

The work in Kate was mostly spent on fixing bugs, as can be seen by the following bug chart for Kate:

Kate Bug Charts

That is, more than 300 bug and wish reports were closed. Granted, many of the reports were just old and given our limited manpower we were closing many wishes since it is unlikely that old wishes get implemented. Then again, we also fixed a lot of bugs that required code changes, and also fine tuning of KTextEditor and Kate. The fixed bugs are roughly KDE bug tracker (yes, the auto-brackets option is back!), besides there are also a lot of changes there were not listed in bug reports. We hope the changes are useful to you, so be sure to get the KDE Frameworks version 5.16 as soon as it’s released :-)

Qt World Summit + Kate/KDevelop Sprint in Berlin

This week is really busy, first three days of Qt World Summit and now hacking away at the Kate/KDevelop sprint in Berlin.

This year my personal goal will be to get our bugs & wishes back into shape.

One major decision I as the maintainer did take was to close all wishes that not got changed since two years. Our team is very small and we have plenty of real bugs to take care of (and their number is rising) such that we will never be able to implement random requests.

If an user is really interested in the feature to come into existance, the wish can be reopened. Still, if no new arguments are brought up that might lead to some more interest by the Kate team, I think that won’t help a lot. The best solution would be if people could provide patches, which in some cases, like for missing highlighting features in the syntax files, is really easy. At least it should be for the advanced user crowd attracted by an advanced text editor.